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Rebasing and Relining

Rebasage Regarnissage

Rebasing and relining of dental prostheses

Having your removable dentures relined will extend their useful life. After many years, you might have noticed that your dentures are not as properly fitted and comfortable as they once were. But this is not because they are worn out or of poor quality: it is because in time, the gum tissues under your dentures have receded. This is quite normal: any toothless area inside the mouth will recede after a certain time. Moreover, the fact of wearing dentures all the time leads to a decrease in oxygen and exerts a strong pressure on your gums which accelerates the receding of oral tissues.

When this type of natural and normal situation occurs, there is no need to get new dentures. The Caroline Marsan denturology clinic offers rebasing and relining services of dental prostheses (with or without a soft base) which will give you optimal comfort when wearing your removable dentures.

Trust Caroline Marsan to rebase your dentures

The rebasing and relining processes we use are state of the art which ensures you get the results you expected! Thanks to our work, your dental prosthesis will be restored to its former condition: comfortable and stable, for years to come!

Contact us for more information or to book an appointment at the Caroline Marsan denturology clinic in Deslon or Châteauguay. We will be pleased to provide you with the information you need!