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Protecteurs Buccaux

Superior quality mouthguards

A mouthguard is used during an intense physical activity or a contact sport such as hockey, football, boxing or other. When well-made and installed correctly, this dental device will protect teeth, gums, tongue, lips and cheeks against serious injuries. It can also contribute to preventing concussions and fractures of the jaw. To provide effective and optimal protection, a mouthguard should be custom made by an experienced denturologist. At the Caroline Marsan denturology clinic, we create mouthguards from impressions of your jaw. We resort to some of the best processes to produce a mouthguard perfectly adjusted to your anatomy. We truly believe it is the best way to ensure you are protected at all times during your workout or when playing a contact sport.

We know how unpleasant the consequences of a jaw injury can be. Have a mouthguard custom made to your mouth at the Caroline Marsan denturology clinic for peace of mind!

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